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John Elvin LUKE

  • Born: October 21, 1896, Hiteman, Monroe, Iowa, USA
  • Marriage: John Elvin LUKE on January 10, 1921 in Albia, Monroe, Iowa, USA
  • Died: December 31, 1981, Aurora, Kane, Illinois, USA at age 85 1
  • Buried: January 4, 1982, Aurora, Kane, Illinois - Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

bullet  General Notes:

Doris was a custodian for West Aurora School District 129.

Stories of the John Elvin & Doris Luke family.

Then there was the time/times that.....

...the boys would take turns locking mom out of the house and the other two boys would chase her around the house on the outside and laugh at her.

...they were going to have a family portrait done and dad sent the boys to get haircuts. Johnny, being the oldest had the money and was in charge. When they got to the barber shop Johnny told the barber they wanted their hair cut just like his (he was bald). They all went home with shaved heads and the family portrait was never taken.

...the boys once prettied up their dog with laundry bluing. He was the best looking dog in the neighborhood. Unfortunately the bluing got in his blood stream and he met his untimely but pretty death.

...Lark decided she was going to give Grandpa a taste of his own medicine (he was always teasing someone). Lark asked him if he had gotten the letter she sent him. He said "No, as a matter of fact I didn't". Lark replied with "the BECAUSE I FORGOT TO STAMP IT!" and at the same time stomped his foot which had an ingrown infected toenail. Grandpa came up swearing and started after Lark but Grandma intervened, saved Lark from certain doom and told Grandpa he got exactly what he deserved for all his teasing.

...King would go to their house to watch TV. He would usually lay on an area rug to watch the tube. Grandpa would come along and roll him up in the rug and leave him there screaming until someone would come and unroll him.

...Grandpa would come over with either watermelon or ice cream. When he arrived he would proclaim to the neighborhood that there was a party for all. By the time the party was over the place was always a total mess but nothing that a hose and a little water couldn't clean up.

...Grandma would make peanut brittle and pull taffy during the winter. While the peanut brittle was outside chillin' in the snow Grandma would be inside pullin' hot taffy with her bare hands.

...on every Christmas eve there was always hot boiled shrimp with butter and beer or pop depending on your age and taste.

...many Saturday nights were spent at their house as they had a BIG (probably 26 inch) TV. They were also one of the first families to own a color TV when they became available. We all watched Lawrence Welk, Sea Hunt, Have Gun Will Travel and Gun Smoke. Grandma would serve buttered popcorn with lots of butter.


bullet  Noted Events In her Life:

  • Census, June 5, 1900, Guilford, Monroe, Iowa. picture

    The following Erickson family members are listed on this page:
    Andrew Erickson, Head, Born Sep 1866
    Agnes, Wife, Born Jan 1862
    Gustave, Son, Born Jan 1895
    Dottie, Daughter, Born Oct 1897
    Thomas, Son, Born Dec 1899
    Sarah A. Neighbor, Step Daughter, Born Dec 1882

  • Census, April 21, 1910, Guilford, Monroe, Iowa. picture

    The following Erickson family members are listed on this page:
    Andrew J. Erickson, Head, Age 43
    Agnes W., Wife, Age 44
    John Gustave, Son, Age 14
    Dottie, Daughter, Age 12
    Thomas, Son, Age 10
    Charley, Son, Age 9
    William, Son, Age 5
  • Census, January 5, 1920, Guilford, Monroe, Iowa. picture

    The following Erickson family members are listed on this page:
    Andrew Erickson, Head, Age 56
    Agnes, Wife, Age 57
    Gusie, Son, Age 24
    Dottie, Daughter, Age 22
    Tommie, Son, Age 20
    Charlie, Son, Age 18
    William, Son, Age 14
  • Census, April 16, 1930, Aurora, Kane, Illinois. picture

    The following Luke family members are on this page:
    John E. Luke, Head, Age 31
    Dorothy, Wife, Age 33
    Johnnie A., Son, Age 9
    Charles I., Son, 8
    Leslie ?, Son, Age 6

  • Newspaper Article: a Luke family reunion with four generations present at the gathering, August 9, 1932, Chariton, Iowa. picture

  • Cemetery: Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery: Aurora, Illinois. picture


Doris married John Elvin LUKE, son of John William LUKE and Johannah "Hannah" JOHNSON, on January 10, 1921 in Albia, Monroe, Iowa, USA. (John Elvin LUKE was born on May 6, 1898 in Keb, Wapello, Iowa, USA, died on November 6, 1967 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA 3 and was buried on November 9, 1967 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois - Lincoln Memorial Cemetery.)



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  2. Death Certificate,
    Acute Myocardial Infarction due to coronary Arterioscleroses.
  3. Social Security Death Index, Name: John Luke SSN: 361-18-8844 Last Residence: 60506 Aurora, Kane, Illinois, United States of America Born: 6 May 1898 Died: Nov 1967 State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951 ).